LAFORCE Construction Ltd.

Edmonton AB

Honest, Trusted & Dependable Partner since 1976

Directional Drilling

  • LAFORCE focuses on small to medium sized horizontal directional drill shots ranging in size from 2” up to 24” in diameter. We have completed drills in mature neighborhood's and near existing buildings where traditional open cut methods are not an option and the safety of the public is paramount.

  • Some HDD companies are only able to provide drilling services where LAFORCE can complete the entire project which is a value that sets us apart from the others.

  • LAFORCE has some of the latest line steering systems which allows us to install pipes in certain ground conditions to an accuracy of 0.1%.

Pipe Fusing

  • LAFORCE is certified to butt fuse and electro fuse HDPE pipe up to 24” in diameter. We also data log our joints to ensure they meet the project specifications.

  • We have worked in municipal, industrial, and oilfield locations fusing a variety of lines including water and sewer mains, gas, power and communication lines.

Underground Utilities

  • Since 1976 the installation and repair of deep and shallow underground utilities has be the primary industry LAFORCE has worked in. This work includes:

    • New Subdivisions

    • New Commercial and Industrial Buildings

    • Storm Water Management Facilities

    • Culverts and Drainage

    • Sewage Lagoons

    • Repairs for Private and Public Organizations

Trucking & Equipment Rentals

  • LAFORCE has a fleet of trucks ranging in size from single axle half tons to tractor tailers with 32 wheeled trailers & jeeps.

  • Our equipment is available for rental on a hourly, weekly or monthly basis. Some examples of the equipment are:

    • Mini, Mid and Large Sized Tracked Excavators

    • Finishing up to D8 sized Dozers

    • Wheel Loaders

    • Rock Trucks

    • Single Axle and Tandem Dump Trucks

    • Graders

    • Tractor Backhoes

    • Bobcats

    • Tractor and Disks